Frequently asked questions

Can I take an intensive course to learn French?

Certainly. There are French immersion programs available that give you the opportunity to put what you learned into practice by speaking with members of your host family and with your fellow students during numerous tours and activities.
For more details: schools/language courses.

Can foreigners get married in Québec?

Yes, at a courthouse. Couples wishing to do so must first fill out a Civil Marriage form and attach copies of both their birth certificates. They must then set a date for the marriage ceremony and schedule an appointment with the Service des mariages civils for an interview with the clerk. The date and time of the ceremony will be confirmed during this interview.
For more details: Civil marriage – Ministère de la Justice.

Can I rent an apartment so I can spend several months in Québec?

Yes, simply search in tourist homes, cottages, condos and studios to rent. This type of lodging is available for periods ranging from one week to several months, and the price includes heating, electricity, hot water and, sometimes, Internet service.

For extended rentals, you can also check the classified ads on local Internet sites (e.g., or on,,, and if you are seeking furnished apartments to rent or sublet.

Can I rent a recreational vehicle and can I park it in large cities?

A few companies specialize in this type of rental. In the summertime, you must rent the vehicle for a minimum of one week. Bedding, towels and kitchen equipment are included in the rental.

On weekends, a few parking lots in cities accept RVs for the day, and some for the night as well. For information on these lots, visit the Web site of the Société Parc-Auto du Québec. Bear in mind that overnight parking at shopping centres is prohibited. You'll also find campgrounds close to cities. Here, unlike in urban parking lots, RV travellers enjoy a variety of services and are able to extend their vehicle slide-outs.

For more details: Camping Québec.

What tires must be used for winter driving?

From December 15 to March 15, all passenger vehicles and taxis registered in Québec must be equipped with winter tires. This requirement also applies to passenger vehicles offered for rent in Québec and to mopeds and motorcycles. However, travellers whose vehicles are not registered in Québec are not subject to these measures.
For more details: Road safety – SAAQ

How do I pay a ticket or a fine?

Like residents of Québec, tourists who receive a statement of offence must pay it. Fines must be paid within 30 days of the ticket's issue date.
For more details: Offences and fines – Ministère de la Justice

Can I spend the night in an igloo? How about a tipi or a lighthouse?

You can stray from the beaten path and spend the night in one of several original or unusual accommodation types: igloo or queenzy, tepee, yurt, treehouse, prospector's tent, etc.

Made entirely of snow and ice, the Hôtel de glace (ice hotel) offers travellers an extraordinarily unusual experience. You can also spend the night in certain lighthouses or buildings that used to be occupied by lighthouse keepers.

For their part, Québec's national parks offer camping enthusiasts a turnkey formula, Huttopia which allows you to experience the joys of camping without having to have all your own gear.

Lastly, there are some overnight formulas tailored particularly to groups. For instance, you and your partners in crime can spend a night at the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières, in association with the Musée québécois de culture populaire

Can I visit a dam or a hydroelectric plant?

Guided tours, often free of charge, are a great way to learn a little more about these often imposing facilities. The biggest are the Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility (Baie-James), which boasts the world's largest underground generating station, and the Manic-5 Generating Station (Manicouagan), dominated by the largest multiple arch-and-buttress dam on the planet.

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