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Hunting and fishing 

Nature’s bounty

Native go hunting, Baie-James,  
© MTOQ / Jean-Pierre Huard For Québecers, beneficiaries of an abundant wildlife, hunting and fishing are more than just sports. They provide a unique opportunity to get back to basics. In the forests, lakes and rivers that make up this immense territory that is Québec, outfitters offer hunting and fishing enthusiasts lodging, equipment, guides and other logistical support—in a word, all the amenities needed to facilitate encounters with big caribou, moose and deer, black bears, wildfowl, small game and fish!

The large cervidsBlack bearWildfowl and small gameSalmonOther fish
An acrobatic fish!

Some fishers will tell you with great authority that salmon fishing is the one, true type of fishing, and that all others pale in comparison. Indeed, the most exciting challenge for the salmon fisher lies in the intricate relationship between fisher and fish, a relationship based on respect. Atlantic salmon, taken only by fly fishing on some of Québec's prettiest rivers, is an extremely precious resource, protected and controlled to ensure its survival. That said, it is highly recommended that you catch and release at all times.

Rivière Matapédia, Gaspésie

This magnificent fish is primarily found along the maritime shore of the St. Lawrence, in the fluvial corridor of the Saguenay and the tributaries of these two majestic rivers. These crystal-clear, gushing rivers are managed by outfitters with exclusive rights, by five wildlife reserves boasting 500 km (310 mi.) of salmon rivers and by 19 ZECs (controlled harvesting zones) covering 1,300 km (810 mi.). Most of these companies and agencies offer the services of guides, veritable modern-day coureurs de bois, or woodsmen, who will go out of their way to make sure your outing is enjoyable.

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Québec is divided into 29 hunting and fishing zones. Only fishing is permitted in zone 25. Hunters and fishers must comply with the hunting or fishing rules of the territories they wish to frequent at all times.


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