Electric vehicles
Fuel your road trip with clean, renewable energy, available in 12 regions of Québec from over 160 public charging stations open 24/7. For station locations, refer to the Electric Circuit map.

By car

voitureQuébec’s road network covers some 70,000 km (43,470 mi.). For up-to-the-minute information on road conditions:
Travel info
Transports Québec
Tel.: 1 888 355-0511

Highway Safety Code

Most foreign driver’s licences are valid in Québec for stays of under six months. Beyond six months, an international driver’s licence is compulsory. Regardless of how long you stay, if your driver’s licence was issued in a language other than English or French, you are strongly encouraged to obtain an international driver’s licence from the country that granted your current licence, prior to your arrival in Québec.

All vehicle occupants must wear a seatbelt. Turning right on a red light has been permitted in Québec since 2003, except on the Island of Montréal and at intersections posting signs that expressly prohibit the manoeuvre.

Consult the Highway Safety Code for full details.

Driving distances

The table below shows driving distances between Montréal, Québec City and Gatineau, along with a dozen or so major Québec towns. To calculate travel times and distances between destinations, use the tool provided by Transports Québec.

Montréal Québec Gatineau
km km km
Gaspé 930 700 1125
Gatineau 207 450 -
Montréal - 253 207
Mont-Tremblant 135 405 160
Québec 253 - 450
Rimouski 540 312 735
Rouyn-Noranda 638 877 535
Saguenay 465 211 662
Sept-Îles 900 652 1095
Sherbrooke 147 240 347
Tadoussac 475 205 685
Trois-Rivières 142 130 330

Tourism signage

Throughout Québec’s roadways, you’ll find signage specially designed to guide you to:
  • Tourist reception and information sites
  • Tourist attractions and facilities
  • Tourist routes and tours
  • Off-road bikeways
  • Service stations and restaurants
  • Stopover villages

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