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Pack a little bit of Québec in your suitcase!

Gifts and souvenirs

Photo.Take advantage of your stay in Québec to do a little shopping—magasinage, as we say here. To help you decide what to pick up, here are a few suggestions of typical Québec products that are also favourites among visitors. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t find some unbelievable deals or make some surprise purchases all on your own!

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Let your taste buds be tempted by the countless edible specialties and terroir products, each more delicious than the last. It’s the best way to give someone a taste of Québec!

Maple products

Photo.After a sugar maple is tapped, its sap is collected and boiled down to a thick syrup. Prized for its taste, colour and transparency, this syrup is used to flavour desserts and make a variety of confectioneries such as candy and sugar.

Where to go:

grocery stores, delicatessen shops, pastry shops

Ice cider

Photo.This sweet beverage, known for its fine bouquet, is made by fermenting the juice of apples picked late in the fall, after they've been exposed to the frost. The alcohol content of ice cider is usually between 8% and 13%. Enjoy it chilled as an aperitif or after dinner.

Where to go:

Société des alcools stores, cider producers

Berry jams and jellies

Photo.Three fruits grown in Québec—blueberries, cloudberries and cranberries—are highly popular thanks to their delightful flavour and nutritional properties. The blueberry, similar to the huckleberry, is found mainly in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Lac-Saint-Jean, whereas the cloudberry (or bakeapple) grows mainly on the North Shore.

Where to go:

grocery stores, delicatessen shops

Also try:

  • Black current liqueurs, mead
  • Wines, craft beers
  • Smoked salmon, smoked meat (vacuum sealed)
  • Hand-crafted soaps, essential oils and natural aromatic products
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With sustainable development and respect for the environment on everyone’s mind, many Québec designers are creating unique pieces by recycling fabrics and other clothing. An original and ecological choice!
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