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The much-anticipated return of the Jardin des glaciers

As of June 20, you can visit Jardin des glaciers, an integrated site for the interpretation, exploration and research of the Ice Age, climate change and the migration of First peoples.

Jardin des glaciers, © TQ/B. CecileAt the Glacial Exploration Station, the visitor learns about observable phenomena concerning the glaciers. Travel back in time and experience the boreal adventure of 20,000 years ago under the ice – that is what visitors are offered at the Glacial Exploration Station! Through the magic of sound, image, light and multimedia technologies, this virtual journey plunges the visitor into the theme of glaciers and climate change. 

At the Seashell Valley, a protected geological site, the whole family can take part in digs and identify different types of shells—kids love it!

The Cyber-carrefour and its interactive network provide access to a computer databank on glaciers, climate change and the migration of peoples. Thanks to Le Jardin des glaciers site and the Multimedia Experience and Research Room at the Glacial Exploration Station, a visit to the Cyber-carrefour becomes a true lesson on glaciers and climate change. 

This impressive Jardin des glaciers offers budding young scientists exceptional multisensory experiences, taking them back 20,000 years, to when nature was nothing but ice!
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