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Frequent - flying geese!

Snow geese, © TQ/Heiko Wittenborn Twice a year, hundreds of thousands of snow geese touch down on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

In the fall, on their way back from Baffin and Bylot islands, they take a break and "fuel up" on our shores before continuing the long journey to their warm, winter habitat. Then, in the spring they return, stopping by as they wing their way to the Great North, where they spend their summers. It’s an annual pilgrimage nearly 4,000 km (2,500 mi.) in length. 

Two preferred staging grounds are great spots for observing the snow geese in autumn : 

Snow geese, © TQ/Jean-Pierre Huard The marshlands of the Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area, near Québec City, are a peaceful haven along the St. Lawrence. In the fall, at high tide, bird watchers can see an incredible colony of snow geese, including those who were born during the summer.

Lastly, the Montmagny region, on the south shore, east of Québec City, is one of the staging areas of the greater snow goose. Now that the goose’s population has attained nearly one million, the colony stops on the river’s banks in Montmagny and on the islands of this archipelago. Montmagny, the snow goose capital, invites visitors to its Festival de l'oie blanche, to celebrate the 600,000 geese that pass through its region.
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