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Parc national de l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, Gaspésie, Québec,
 Pierre-Philippe Brunet © Tourisme Québec
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Cycling at the head of the pack

Biking  - Vlan Communication © Ministère du Tourisme  With 750 bicycles per 1000 inhabitants, Québec is the frontrunner among the places where cycling is the most popular. Thanks in large part to the Route Verte, the longest bicycle route in North America,  and the Tour de l’île de Montréal, an essential rendezvous for urban circuit enthusiasts.

In the tradition of the world’s leading bikeways, the Route Verte currently covers over 5000 km. Accessible to all, it now passes through no fewer than 18 regions of Québec, in both natural and urban settings. The route was planned to travel through Québec’s most beautiful natural areas with respect for the environment. The National Geographic Society's book, Journeys of a Lifetime, tawarded the Route Verte first place among the 10 best bicycle routes in the world. 

Biking  - Vlan Communication © Ministère du Tourisme  In addition, Montréal is home to the largest gathering of cyclists in North America. Its Tour de l’île draws over 30,000 participants every year, on an urban, 50-km circuit. Named the “best city on the continent for cycling,” Montréal is the envy of many major cities, with its cycling network totalling no less than 400 km. Québec City and Gatineau are also well equipped with cycling networks, which are ideal for exploring the attractions of these two cities.

There is no better way to combine practicality with pleasure than by cycling. It allows us to discover the natural environment while preserving its resources.
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