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Parc national de l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, Gaspésie, Québec,
 Pierre-Philippe Brunet © Tourisme Québec
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Québec: an angler's paradise

Fly fishing (Gaspésie), © TQ/Paul LaraméeWith more than a million lakes and thousands of rivers within its borders, Québec is undoubtedly a much-favoured habitat for quite a diverse range of fish species. Anglers will be amazed to find plentiful stocks of high-grade-flesh Atlantic salmon, brook trout, northern and walleyed pike, and lake and Arctic char.

Québec’s pride in its abundant plant and animal life has resulted in the creation of a network of parks and protected areas, in which natural habitats can be maintained and various species managed and developed. This helps us ensure an abundance and a diversity of species required for angling, from one season to another, over the years.

Here a few places that are particularly suitable angling destinations:

Eeyou Istchee / Baie-James

Located in the réserve des Lacs-Albanel-Mistassini-et-Waconichi, this is Québec’s largest natural lake – a genuine inland sea, almost 180 meters (590 feet) deep – with a surface area of approximately 2,335 km² (over 900 sq. mi.). This lake is the preferred habitat of species such as the walleyed pike, lake char, speckled trout and the northern pike. 

Walleye (Mauricie), © TQ/ Patrick CampeauMauricie

Lac Saint-Pierre is home to various bird species (including snow geese) and the world’s largest heronry. This territory, which was designated a Unesco biosphere reserve in November 2000, remains 90% unspoiled and contains more than 40% of the St. Lawrence wetlands. Its 103 islands comprise the largest archipelago in the St. Lawrence. Fishing in these rich marshes could get you the catch of your dreams!

The rivière Saint-Jean is considered one of the three best rivers for salmon fishing in the Gaspésie. This 240-km (almost 150-mile) river provides 55 pools over a 27-km (more than 16-mile) area. 

Québec City and Area

The rivière Jacques-Cartier, located less than an hour from Québec City, is 177 km (almost 110 miles) long and rises at the réserve faunique des Laurentides. This strikingly scenic river is home to 16 fish species, including brook trout and Atlantic salmon. 

Duplessis (Côte-Nord)

This outstanding region alone harbours more than half of Québec's salmon rivers. The legendary Rivière Moisie, as well as Rivière aux Rochers and Rivière Jupiter on Anticosti Island, across from Havre-Saint-Pierre, are also home to impressive specimens of sea trout.

Salmon fishing (Nunavik), © TQ/Heiko WittenbornNunavik
Anglers the world over are attracted to the Nunavik waters, which boast an abundance of fish. The most sought-after species include Arctic char, found in most coastal rivers and weighing as much as 8 kg (almost 18 lbs.), Atlantic salmon and lake char. Rivers well-known for their aquatic wealth include the rivière George and the rivière aux Feuilles. 

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