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Fous de Bassan, Gaspésie,
 Claude Bouchard 
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A time when city and poetry rhyme

La corde à poèmes © Christiane St-Pierre Québec folk stories remixed in true Fred Pellerin fashion never cease to marvel, whether recounted on stage or in the cinema, similar to poetry recited at events where crowds gather in a climate of contemplation, as at poetry evenings and such. And to further entice audiences, an entire poetry festival takes place in Trois-Rivières each fall. Since Aristotle’s Poetics, which imposed an aesthetic point of view many moons ago, the elements of tragedy and epic have never failed to fascinate, possibly owing to a sense of catharsis, intended to purge human passions, and made possible by watching characters imitating them. So go forth, tune your lyre, and come celebrate the world of poetry!
Where poetry reigns
From  October 4 to 13, poetry will flow through the streets of Trois-Rivières, in Mauricie, during the Festival international de la poésie. With activities and sites that include a poetry line, a monument to dead poets, a poetry box, and last but not least, a poetry gala evening, Trois-Rivières, designated the poetry capital by Félix Leclerc in 1985, wholly deserves its title! Indeed, poetry does not merely permeate the air, but is interwoven into the city’s fabric. Between Québec City and Montréal, along the north shore of the mythical St. Lawrence River, this historic and modern agglomeration has instilled a literary vitality in its bars, cafés and other public places.

The 2013 edition is expected to welcome approximately one hundred poets from around the globe. The Grand Prix Quebecor du Festival is awarded each year along with several other prizes, including those created in homage to two great poets––Gatien Lapointe and Alphonse Piché––whose verses evoked the imagination of Trois-Rivières. Contribute to the lyrical frenzy by hanging your own rhymes on the poetry line or posting your creations in the poetry box for posterity. Whether symbolic, surrealist or more classical in style, put your rhyming skills to the test!

Rue des Forges, Trois-Rivières © Christiane St-Pierre If you visit the festival, take a moment to awaken your senses to the beauty of the written word as you wind your way along the promenade of poems. Intoxicated by the river breeze, savour a cappuccino concocted by baristas at any of the numerous downtown cafés, meander along Rue des Forges, and discover all the wonderful attractions that make this city so special.

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