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Fous de Bassan, Gaspésie,
 Claude Bouchard 
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Quartier des spectacles

Quartier des spectacles, © Véronique JeanConstantly evolving, the Quartier des spectacles, located in the heart of downtown Montréal, is home to the Grande Bibliothèque, an architectural masterpiece, La Vitrine, a central ticketing office with great last-minute deals, the Cinémathèque québécoise, the Métropolis, several performance halls and venues, including Place des arts. 

Back in full swing!

Those captivating swings will be back on April 8, set up along the Promenade des Artistes to mark the arrival of spring in the Quartier des spectacles. When in motion, each swing sets off a musical note and several of them swinging at the same time create a melody… It’s music to our ears! For an even more magical effect, the swings light up at nightfall. It’s no surprise that this installation has garnered a number of international awards… Even Oprah Winfrey has mentioned them!

Guided tours
To discover the secrets of this neighbourhood—once home to the city’s infamous Red Light district and today serving as a model to the world with its many improvements—why not take a guided tour! Simply sign up online, as of May 5. With its wealth of festivals, its choice of show venues both large and small, and its innovative Luminous Pathway, the Quartier des spectacles reflects Montréal’s intense creativity, particularly in terms of digital art.

Roll out the red carpet 

Quartier des spectacles, © G. Daniel Roy and Luc PetitA distinctive and ecological illuminating signature characterizes the Quartier des spectacles that directs visitors to the city’s cultural spaces. Just follow the red dots to find the various cultural venues. At the heart of this illuminated community is the Place des festivals, the core of the city’s festivities, featuring displays of powerful water jets. Over the years it has hosted key Montréal names on the international scene including Arcade Fire, Les Grands Ballets canadiens and DJ Champion.

Making room for music

The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal has a new music hall panelled in beech wood from the forests of the Outaouais region that meets the exacting requirements for perfect acoustics and boasts a modern cachet. This mecca for music lovers is home to numerous musical ensembles.

On top of the latest trends 

© MutekThe Société des arts technologiques (SAT) was founded in 1996 with the rise of digitization. The Satosphère, whose huge dome houses the SAT, contains the Foodlab, a veritable culinary experimentation lab providing the public with access to its kitchens. On the occasion of the Mutek festival, the Foodlab features several renowned chefs and culinary designers. The SAT’s first Foodlab market was held in the fall of 2011 at Place de la Paix, the former site of the 19th century Marché Saint Laurent. Once a year, Montréal artists have the opportunity to showcase their creations to the public during the souk@sat. Don’t miss it!
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