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Québec in a nutshell
Le Château Frontenac, Vieux-Québec, Louise Mondoux#013;© Tourisme Québec
Québec is North American by its geographic location, French by its language and civil code and British by its parliamentary system. Initially a French colony that was later ceded to England, Québec is one of Canada's founding provinces.

Since the early 20th century, some 700,000 immigrants from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia have become part of Québec society. Before that, Québec was composed primarily of settlers of French or British descent, in addition to its 11 First Nations peoples. The cultural diversity of recent years has given Québec a new face, one that is most visible in Montréal, the French-speaking capital of North America.
Québec enjoys four very distinct seasons and four climate types: humid continental south of the 50th parallel, subarctic between the 50th and 58th parallels, arctic above the 58th parallel and eastern maritime in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Enfants dans un verger de pommiers en fleurs, Mont-Saint-Hilaire / Linda Turgeon © Ministère du Tourisme Spring the sugaring off season is characterized by significant temperature fluctuations. The days are generally sunny and cool, and the nights are cold.

Mean temperatures in April (minimum and maximum temperatures)
Montréal : 1oC/11oC (34oF/52oF)
Québec City : -1oC/8oC (30oF/46oF)
Gatineau : 0oC/11oC (32oF/52oF)

Parc national du Canada Forillon, Gaspésie / Jean-Pierre Huard © Ministère du Tourisme Summer in Québec is ideal. The sun and warm temperatures are usually accompanied by a light breeze off the St. Lawrence. This is the perfect season for cruising and other outings.

Mean temperatures in July (minimum and maximum temperatures)
Montréal : 15oC/26oC (59oF/79oF)
Québec City: 13oC/25oC (55oF/77oF)
Gatineau : 15oC/26oC (59oF/79oF)

Canots / Heiko Wittenborn © Ministère du Tourisme Autumn in Québec is flamboyant. As the daylight hours grow shorter, the deciduous trees show off their red and gold fall finery. A unique climatic phenomenon, Indian summer, also occurs during this season. It arrives in October or November when several unseasonably warm days follow the first frost.

Mean temperatures in October (minimum and maximum temperatures)
Montréal : 4oC/13oC (39oF/55oF)
Québec : 2oC/11oC (35oF/52oF)
Gatineau : 3oC/13oC (37oF/55oF)

Chapelle Saint-Bernard, Mont-Tremblant / Pierre-Philippe Brunet © Ministère du Tourisme Winter sees an average of 3 metres (10 ft.) of snow fall in Québec, usually between December and mid-April. The snowy countryside and brilliant sunshine imbue this season with a unique charm and singular beauty.

Mean temperatures in January (minimum and maximum temperatures)
Montréal : -14oC/-5oC (7oF/23oF)
Québec : -16oC /-7oC (3oF/19oF)
Gatineau : -15oC/-5oC (5oF/23oF)
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