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Québec in a nutshell
Le Château Frontenac, Vieux-Québec, Louise Mondoux#013;© Tourisme Québec
Québec is North American by its geographic location, French by its language and civil code and British by its parliamentary system. Initially a French colony that was later ceded to England, Québec is one of Canada's founding provinces.

Since the early 20th century, some 700,000 immigrants from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia have become part of Québec society. Before that, Québec was composed primarily of settlers of French or British descent, in addition to its 11 First Nations peoples. The cultural diversity of recent years has given Québec a new face, one that is most visible in Montréal, the French-speaking capital of North America.
Located at the north-eastern tip of the North American continent, Québec covers an immense territory. Its 1,667,926-km2 (643,990-sq. mi.) surface is equivalent to three times the size of France, five times the size of Japan, twice the size of Texas and seven times the size of the United Kingdom, making it Canada’s largest province.

Québec’s majestic St. Lawrence River is bordered by the Canadian Shield to the north and the Appalachian mountains to the south. Its vast forests shelter more than a million lakes and rivers. Further north, the deciduous forest makes way for the coniferous forest of the taiga, followed by the shrubs and lichens of the tundra.

Québec City, the province’s capital, is perched atop Cap Diamant, from where it overlooks the St. Lawrence. The cradle of French civilization in North America and the only fortified city north of Mexico, Québec City has been on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage List since 1985.

The province’s metropolis, Montréal, is the second-biggest French-speaking city in the world and boasts the largest inland port on the planet. Its architecture combines North American modernity with European charm. Extremely cosmopolitan, it has its own Little Italy, Latin Quarter, Chinatown and Gay Village.

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