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Camping sauvage, hydravion et canot, Lanaudière, Jean-Guy Lavoie © Tourisme Québec
Québec is a well-known international tourist destination. Its 22 regions offer visitors a wide range of attractions and experiences that make the most of Québec's four distinct seasons.

Essentially, visitors flock to Québec, whatever the season! They come to discover its rich heritage and history, fall under the spell of its bustling urban centres and be charmed by the beauty of its vast, wild territories. The arts, museums, churches and heritage sites, casinos, gardens, parks and reserves are among Québec's many attractions. Its wealth of local farm produce and the abundance of its fish and seafood give its culinary creations a singular, unmistakable flavour, offering visitors exquisite dishes of exceptional quality.

Country routes
Cap-Santé, panneau de signalisation Chemin du Roy / Envirofoto © Ministère du Tourisme
Long and short geographical and thematic routes are found throughout Québec and are one of the province's main draws. These routes showcase the cultural and natural treasures of the regions they criss-cross.

Some of the routes are clearly marked. Learn about Québec along the King's Road, the New France Route, the Border Route and the Townships Trail. Enjoy a taste of Québec winding along the Wine Route and the Countryman's Tour. Have a true Québec experience travelling the Whale Route, the Navigators' Route, the St. Lawrence Route, the Mountain Road, the Fjord Route and the Summit Drive.

Route entre Saint-Siméon et Petit-Saguenay / Heiko Wittenborn © Ministère du Tourisme There are also plenty of unmarked tourism routes throughout Québec. Gastronomy routes, such as the The Montérégie Cider Route, the The Charlevoix Flavour Trail and a variety of farm tourism routes, let you discover Québec's terroir. You can admire the province's architecture along such routes as the Circuit de l'Association des plus beaux villages du Québec, which runs through the province's most beautiful villages, the Steeples Route and the Lighthouse Trail. For adventure, Québec offers the Circuit canotable la Chasse-Galerie canoe route and a variety of bike touring routes.
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