Québec is truly a unique land in North America. Unique for its geography, its history and its culture, which together have forged its bold and exuberant identity. Simply put, Québec is warmth, absolute authenticity and intensity, all within easy reach!

Portrait of Québec 
Multi-faceted geography, diverse landscapes, vegetation and climate, and a rich history spanning five centuries, from colonial regime to the present-day challenge of maintaining the cultural vitality of this unique culture in North America!  
The four seasons 
Summer, fall, winter and spring: the contrasting seasons bring this vast territory to life, offering you four spectacular opportunities to discover the many faces of Québec!
Scenes of Québec 
Gifts and souvenirs
Take advantage of your stay in Québec to do a little shopping, or magasinage, as we say here, and bring your friends and family a few tokens or a more substantial gift!
Have fun while learning about Québec. Play with letters, pictures and colours, test your knowledge by pinpointing regions, cities and towns, roads and rivers on a map, or identify Québec’s major tourist sites.
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