La restauration québécoiseQuébecers adore good food, just as they adore gathering around a restaurant table with family or friends. And the selection is mind-boggling: local specialties or ethnic cuisine, self-serve health food or gourmet creations, fast food or family fare… Whatever your budget and tastes, there’s something for everyone. One thing never varies, though: the warm welcome you’ll receive!

Québec restaurants

Bistro du coin ou table étoiléeTraditional dishes are continually realigned by the chefs of Québec’s great restaurants, known for their imaginative use of local products such as smoked fish, game, fine cheeses, wild berries or ice cider. Hotel and culinary schools like the renowned Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec, in turn, train the chefs of tomorrow to artfully adapt Québec’s culinary traditions to today’s gourmet preferences.

Cuisines of the world

Bistro du coin ou table étoiléeWhen dining in Montréal or Québec City, why not add a touch of exoticism to your menu? Both cities offer a veritable cornucopia of foods from around the world: sushi, couscous, tapas, Lebanese specialties, Vietnamese dishes, and many more. Mirroring the diversity of cultures that populate today’s Québec, these restaurants offer a rich tapestry of international flavours.


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