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Centre touristique du Lac-Simon


This four-season tourism resort has a 2 km (0.5-mi.) beach visitors can access in the summer. You can enjoy your favourite water sports on the huge lake. Several new pieces of children's playground equipment are now available on the beach. A guaranteed good time, rain or shine!

1216, rue Principale, C.P. 117, Duhamel
Québec, Canada, J0V 1G0
819 428-7931
819 428-3512
June 20, 2014 - August 31, 2014 (Approximate dates)
Body of water. Children's playground. Entertainment. Fishing. Hiking. Miniature golf. Playing field with sports/recreat. equip.. Supervised beach. Canoeing. Jet-skiing. Kayaking. Pedals boat. Rowboats.
Boat ramp. Boutique / Sales counter. Camping accommodation. Lodging on the premises. Marina. Showers
Rental services
Canoes. Kayaks. Pedal-boats. Pontoon boats. Rowboats
Parking services
Free outdoor parking.
Restaurant and food services
BBQ accepted. BBQ available. Picnic area
Not accessible (Kéroul)
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