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Plage Haldimand

Gaspé (Sector of Gaspé)
Haldimand beach is located 8 km (5 mi.) from downtown Gaspé, in a fabulous setting, with Parc Forillon in the background. Easily accessible and offering all services, it has all you need for great family fun: sand and sea. Be sure to stop by on your way through the Gaspésie.
31, rue de la Plage, Gaspé
Québec, Canada
418 368-2104 (poste 8531)
June 24, 2014 - August 20, 2014 (Approximate dates)
Body of water. Children's playground. Cycling. Fishing. Playing field with sports/recreat. equip.. Supervised beach. Other activities
Changing-room. Showers
Parking services
Free outdoor parking.
Restaurant and food services
Restaurant on premises. Picnic area
Reservations required. Special activities
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