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Jardin Cérès

La Conception

Located in La Conception, on the banks of the Rivière Rouge, less than 10 km (6 mi.) from Tremblant, you'll enjoy an enchanting setting that weds art and nature. Florist service, country reception hall, B&B accommodations, garden tour, pick your own cut flowers.

2334, ch. des Glaïeuls, La Conception
Québec, Canada, J0T 1M0
819 686-1134
May 1 - October 31 (Approximate dates)
Pick-your-own. Self-guided tours. Tours : in french. Tours : in english
Boutique / Sales counter. Other services
Parking services
Free outdoor parking.
Restaurant and food services
Picnic area
Services for Persons with Disabilities
Non accessible (Keroul)
Reservations required
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