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New France Route


This route runs east-west on Highway 360. It follows the path of one of the oldest thoroughfares in North America and is lined with homes that illustrate the influences of both the French and English cultures. Norman houses, with their low ceilings and sloping roofs, tell of the first inhabitants. Further down the road, you'll see Québec houses, better adapted to the harsh climate, as well as late 19th-century mansard-roofed homes, which allowed occupants to make better use of the first floor. This route sheds light on the agricultural past and rural character of the Côte-de-Beaupré region.
Visit the Web site for full details and a map of this route. Route Length : 57 km (35 mi.)
Excerpt from the Québec City tourist guide

Official route marked with blue signs

418 641-6290
1 877 783-1608 (Canada, USA)
418 522-0830
Open year round
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