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Hunting and fishing 

Nature’s bounty

Native go hunting, Baie-James,  
© MTOQ / Jean-Pierre Huard For Québecers, beneficiaries of an abundant wildlife, hunting and fishing are more than just sports. They provide a unique opportunity to get back to basics. In the forests, lakes and rivers that make up this immense territory that is Québec, outfitters offer hunting and fishing enthusiasts lodging, equipment, guides and other logistical support—in a word, all the amenities needed to facilitate encounters with big caribou, moose and deer, black bears, wildfowl, small game and fish!

The large cervidsBlack bearWildfowl and small gameSalmonOther fish
Other fish
Freshwater predatory fish, trout and other salmonids

Related to the European pickerel, the yellow walleye can be fished virtually year round, even while ice fishing, and is the number one favourite among sport fishers in Québec. The province's waters also teem with northern pike, which is sometimes called the freshwater shark and has been known to provide many thrilling moments to those who have the good fortune to fish for it.

The large and small mouth bass, whose Algonquin name at-chi-gane means "he who struggles," are found in lakes and rivers with low currents. They are mainly fished for sport and are almost always released back into the water. Several other species inhabit Québec's large water bodies, such the sturgeon and the muskellunge.


You can fish for salmonids other than Atlantic salmon in Québec's lakes and rivers. The ouananiche, or landlocked salmon, is as combative and delicious as its maritime cousin. Favouring clear, cold waters, the brook trout is popular among fishers for its tasty pink flesh. This fish is abundant in Québec, particularly in Mauricie.

Better adapted to a northern climate, the Arctic char is found almost exclusively in Québec's Far North regions and is enjoyed by the Inuit of Ungava and Hudson bays. Rainbow trout, along with brown or sea trout, can reach a very respectable weight and are also a diner's delight. Lake trout, a powerful fighting fish, thrives in cold lakes and in summer heads deep below the surface (50 to 100 m / 165 to 330 ft.) as the temperature climbs.

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Hunting and fishing  
Québec is divided into 29 hunting and fishing zones. Only fishing is permitted in zone 25. Hunters and fishers must comply with the hunting or fishing rules of the territories they wish to frequent at all times.


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