Many hotels and hotel chains have taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of the constant stream of clients. The Hotel Association of Québec, for instance, offers its members RéserVert, a recognition program in sustainable development.
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The key to a successful stayQuébec offers a complete and broad range of accommodations for all tastes and budgets. Through a strict classification program, Tourisme Québec rates the comfort, services and safety of these establishments, doing its part to ensure that your vacation is a success!
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Accommodation classifications

Classified establishments are rated based on strict criteria:

  • Quality of the facilities (rooms, bathrooms, common areas, etc.)
  • State of preservation and maintenance
  • Cleanliness
  • Services
  • Security measures

Why choose a classified establishment?

  • To maximize your enjoyment during your stay: the classification system gives you a clear idea of each establishment’s quality when you book.
  • To ensure your safety: the owners of all establishments must hold civil liability insurance.
  • To support operators who comply with government legislation, thus contributing to the development of the tourist industry in Québec.

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    Accommodations in rooms, suites or furnished apartments where guests can cook for themselves, and where hotel services are included.
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    Bed & Breakfasts

    Lodging in a private residence occupied by the operator. Breakfast is served on site and included in the package rate.
    See all B&Bs
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    Tourist homes (cottages, apartments)

    Lodging in cottages, apartments or furnished houses equipped with cooking facilities.
    See all tourist homes
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    Grounds equipped with individual sites for tents or recreational vehicles—motorized or not—and including services.
    See all campgrounds
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    Establishments in natural surroundings offering accommodations in inns, cottages or houseboats as well as hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.
    See all outfitters
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    Centres offering accommodations, meals or cooking facilities, entertainment and recreational equipment.
    See all resorts
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    Youth hostels

    Lodging in rooms or dormitories. Meals or cooking facilities and 24-hour surveillance included.
    See all youth hostels
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    Student residences

    Lodging in units that are not made available to the institution's students.
    See all student residences
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    Hospitality villages

    Lodging in rooms in a group of private residences where each host receives a maximum of six people and accompanies his/her guests for the length of their stay. Hospitality or entertainment activities as well as breakfast and lunch or dinner are included in the package rate.
    See all hospitality villages
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    Other accommodations

    Establishments that do not fit any other category.
    See all other accommodations

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