The Village on Ice rises each winter between January and March around a skating rink and hiking trail with a circumference of one kilometre installed on the frozen surface of Lac Saint-Jean in Roberval.

The four seasons

Colourful Québec!

Explore the four corners of Québec from four different perspectives: summer, fall, winter and spring. Bask under the sun’s summer rays, feast your eyes on fall’s vivid hues, revel in the white delight that is winter or get caught up in spring fever. Four spectacular seasons in which to fall in love with Québec!



An avalanche of fun!

Photography From November to March, Québec embraces an invigorating season. And because snow doesn't last forever, better make the most of it while it falls! Whether it's frosty, foggy, powdery or bright and sunny, any time is the right time for fun and festivities. Discover the exhilarating and entertaining activities that Québecers enjoy during the whimsical months of winter.

A snow white realm

Photography With close to 90 ski resorts, a thick carpet of flawless snow and nighttime skiing and snowboarding conditions that simply don't exist elsewhere in North America, Québec has everything fans of sliding sports could want for a rollicking good time. If exploring vast snowy spaces in double time is more your speed, hop on a snowmobile and fly along frozen lakes into the heart of the boreal regions. Are contemplative pursuits more your style? Strap on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis and become one with nature in all her tranquility.

Long live winter's wild side!

Photography Winter gives you the opportunity to delve into unusual pastimes: dogsledding excursions through enchanting forests, ATV escapades on snowy trails, frozen waterfalls waiting to be scaled... Accommodations in the great outdoors combine comfort and ruggedness. For instance, you could spend the night in a yurt, a prospector tent, a rustic log cabin or even an igloo! Whether you choose the vast boreal forest, the magical expanses of the Far North or the peaks of the Appalachian mountains, you'll find that winter in Québec is one big adventure!

Winter is a long, peaceful river

Photography Why not join the countless fishing enthusiasts who populate the little huts that dot the St. Lawrence and some of its tributaries where the ice is good and thick? Ice fishing is about more than just catching dinner—although for freshness, it can't be beat. It's about camaraderie and good times. For animal aficionados, the Gulf of St. Lawrence offers up its pack ice and the chance to observe seals and their young, just off the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

The city under a glittery blanket

Photography Winter in the city has its own special charms. After skating at an outdoor rink or tubing with the little ones, take in a hockey game or, if you're in Montréal, shop 'til you drop in the warmth of the indoor city. In Québec City the world-famous Winter Carnival is an absolute must-do, while the nearby Ice Hotel is reborn each year in sparkling glory when the temperature plunges. And for some well deserved relaxation, there's nothing quite like escaping to a health centre, where spas, Nordic baths and personalized treatments will have you feeling fine in no time!

Keeping warm no matter what!

Starting in November, the temperature hovers around the freezing point and there is a greater chance of snowfall. You will need to wear a coat, boots, a scarf and gloves. From mid-December to mid-March, the temperature ranges from -15°C to -20°C (5°F to -4°F), but can sometimes change suddenly within a 24-hour period. Outdoor activities require proper clothing: snow pants, a warm coat, boots, a hat and mittens, etc. During periods of intense cold or for long outings, try using hand or foot warmers—small pouches that you insert into your mittens or boots.

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