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Québec City is closer to the sea than you might think, going by the movement of the tides, which can reach five metres (16 ft.) at Île d’Orléans!


Sure of its charms, and with a dash of haughtiness, Québec City’s gracious yet simple style continues to delight visitors. The city has what it takes to please: an enchanting setting on the St. Lawrence, a priceless architectural legacy and a rich and colourful past. Its region is brimming with exceptional natural parks and pretty heritage villages.

Québec CityThe Québec City area
A world heritage gem

FortificationsQuébec City is the only fortified city north of Mexico, and historic Québec was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Its fortifications, with four gates, feature many historic buildings and museums, including the Musée de l’Amérique française, tucked behind the centuries-old walls of the Seminary. The Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Québec boasts a superb art collection, while its crypt houses the remains of four governors of New France.

 Must-see attractions

Upper Town…

Haute-Ville de QuébecAt the foot of the Citadel, the immortal Château Frontenac with its medieval-looking gables and turrets towers above Dufferin Terrace. Nearby lies the splendid Battlefields Park, which was the site of the 1759 clash between the French and the British, one of the most significant military events in North American history. A beacon of the park, the Musée national des beaux-arts, has a remarkable collection of Québec art.

… and Lower Town

Basse-Ville de QuébecA funicular connects the Upper (Haute-Ville) and Lower Town (Basse-Ville), which hearkens back to the first days of the colony. The Petit-Champlain Quarter and Place-Royale are brimming with activity. There is an interpretation centre, art and craft-art boutiques and many restaurants and bistros. The Musée de la civilisationpresents various themed exhibitions with an up-to-the-minute interactive approach. Nearby, the Old Port is the perfect spot for a summertime cruise on the river.

To be discovered

Exploring Old Québec on foot is like travelling back in time! Stroll its sloping streets, wander along ramparts or the fortifications themselves and take in the breathtaking views of the river, port and the surrounding hills. A trip on the Québec-Lévis ferry is a great way to enjoy the city in all its majesty, summer or winter!

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