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Hunting and fishing 

Nature’s bounty

Native go hunting, Baie-James,  
© MTOQ / Jean-Pierre Huard For Québecers, beneficiaries of an abundant wildlife, hunting and fishing are more than just sports. They provide a unique opportunity to get back to basics. In the forests, lakes and rivers that make up this immense territory that is Québec, outfitters offer hunting and fishing enthusiasts lodging, equipment, guides and other logistical support—in a word, all the amenities needed to facilitate encounters with big caribou, moose and deer, black bears, wildfowl, small game and fish!

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Wildfowl and small game
Fill your game bag!
Canada goose, Mauricie,  © MTOQ / Jean Fiset

A significant number of snow geese "refuel" along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, primarily between Cap-Tourmente, Montmagny and Lac Saint-Pierre. The Canada goose, a favourite among hunters, can also be seen in this area. These birds are hunted from concealed enclosures, in the fall during periods established in compliance with regulations governing the hunting of migratory birds. A spring snow goose hunt is also permitted, under certain conditions.

A wide variety of dabbling and diving ducks, including the mallard and the teal, also inhabit Québec's lakes and rivers before embarking on their fall migration. Duck hunting is practised on firm ground along lakes and rivers, from a hide or in a standing position.

Spruce grouse, Mauricie,  © MTOQ / Jean Fiset

In forests, hunters will encounter different species of grouse, partridge and spruce grouse—all known for their exquisite meat. They thrive near lakes or streams, as does the hare, an animal whose coat whitens shortly before the first snows fall. The hare is at its most visible during this period, when the trees are bare. In certain zones, snares are permitted for hunting hare. In Northern Québec hunters can indulge in ptarmigan hunting as well.


The woodcock, a long-billed wading bird, is fond of clay soil and vegetation near rivers. Usually located by hunting dogs, the woodcock is always hunted in flight. Familiarity with the area and the dog's sense of smell are key to successfully flushing several birds in a day. Waterfowl hunters can obtain advice from a guide, as well as any services they need, from a number of outfitters.

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Hunting and fishing  

Québec is divided into 29 hunting and fishing zones. Only fishing is permitted in zone 25. Hunters and fishers must comply with the hunting or fishing rules of the territories they wish to frequent at all times.


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