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The eleven Aboriginal nations of Québec belong to the three major North American language groups: the Algonquin, Iroquois and Inuktitut.

Aboriginal excursions

The circle of life

Crédit: Zoli-Camorani.A stay with the Québec Aboriginals is a valuable opportunity to get to know this surprisingly rich community that is seeking to combine ancestral values with the new standards of modern North-American life.

The Aboriginals

Photo. Québec is home to 11 linguistically and culturally distinct Aboriginal nations in some 55 villages spread between the 45th and 62nd parallel. With the exception of northern settlements—be they on the coast, in the forest or in urban settings—are accessible by road.

A culture to share

Credit: Diego Zanetti. Hospitality and sharing are traditional Aboriginal values – both Amerindian and Inuit. Some communities, such as Wendake, host visitors who are eager to discover some of the little-known aspects of their heritage that has evolved over thousands of years. Other communities offer visits showcasing ancestral customs, while others are based on adventure or cultural discoveries, and yet others provide community-managed accommodations.

The Aboriginal cultural heritage is presented in numerous museums, for example, Mashteuiatsh or Odanak, and the Canadian Museum of History in the Gatineau area. A variety of archaeological sites, including Pointe-du-Buisson, serve as reminders of the long Aboriginal history. Festivals, such as the powwow, depict the vision of the First Nations through music, dance and song.

Aboriginal Tourism

Photo The variety of sites and activities presented in the annual guide produced by Tourisme Autochtone Québec
reflect the commitment of the tourism industry and communities to provide visitors with a multitude of authentic and enriching experiences. Come and let the Aboriginals teach you the lessons that nature has given them from the beginning of time. Whether you spend a few hours or a few days, you will become—like the water, the tree, the wolf or the caribou—an integral part of the universe!
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Aboriginal excursions  
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