Pack a little bit of Québec in your suitcase!

Gifts and souvenirs

Photo.Take advantage of your stay in Québec to do a little shopping—magasinage, as we say here. To help you decide what to pick up, here are a few suggestions of typical Québec products that are also favourites among visitors. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t find some unbelievable deals or make some surprise purchases all on your own!

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Québec’s designers enjoy an enviable reputation and Montréal is North America’s second-largest clothing production centre, after Los Angeles. Whatever the season, you can pick up some great fashions for your friends and family!

Ready-to-wear and contemporary jewellery

Photo.There’s no shortage of talent and imagination among Québec’s creators. The same goes for jewellers; drawing on regional landscapes for inspiration, they often use materials found in their proverbial backyards. Impeccable quality, with something for every budget.

Where to go:

department stores, fashion boutiques, tourist areas

Sports apparel and accessories

Photo.A land of adventure and wide, open spaces, it’s only natural that Québec would have practical, light and comfortable sports clothing—some warm, some waterproof—designed for those engaging in various outdoor activities. You’ll also find high-calibre sports gear and accessories.

Where to go:

specialty stores

Winter apparel

Photo.To withstand harsh temperatures without impeding your freedom of movement, dress warmly from head to toe. Fur, down, natural or synthetic fibres—they’re all put to good use to stitch or knit the anoraks, tuques and mittens you need to stay toasty as you partake in the joys of winter!

Where to go:

department stores, specialty stores

Other wearables:

  • Polar fleece apparel
  • Pins, clothing and accessories bearing national symbols
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With sustainable development and respect for the environment on everyone’s mind, many Québec designers are creating unique pieces by recycling fabrics and other clothing. An original and ecological choice!
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