Pack a little bit of Québec in your suitcase!

Gifts and souvenirs

Photo.Take advantage of your stay in Québec to do a little shopping—magasinage, as we say here. To help you decide what to pick up, here are a few suggestions of typical Québec products that are also favourites among visitors. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t find some unbelievable deals or make some surprise purchases all on your own!

TasteWearGaze upon
Gaze upon
From Outaouais to the Gaspésie, Québec’s regions continue to inspire generations of artists. Whether they reflect the latest trends or are firmly entrenched in tradition, the art and handicrafts created here proffer a glimpse of the world as seen though the unique lens that is Québec in North America.


Photo.Why not make gallery hopping a part of your stay? Wildlife paintings, naïve paintings, genre scenes sculpted in wood or decidedly contemporary creations... the choice is endless and the prices often excellent!

Where to go:

art galleries, museum shops

Fine crafts

Photo.Craft artists are masters of their field, marrying traditional techniques with boundless creativity. You’ll appreciate the quality of woven pieces, objects made of glass or metal (bronze, iron), sand sculptures and tableware.

Where to go:

art galleries, economuseums, specialized shows (Salon des artisans de Québec, Salon des métiers d’art du Québec)

Aboriginal arts and handicrafts

Photo.Soapstone sculptures and lithographs from the Far North have long been held in high esteem. Clothing accessories produced by Amerindians and Inuit (caps, gloves, moccasins) as well as items inspired by their daily life captivate the curious.

Where to go:

art galleries, souvenir shops

Also for the eyes and ears:

  • Colour posters of Québec
  • Coffee table books
  • DVDs, CDs (music, songs)
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With sustainable development and respect for the environment on everyone’s mind, many Québec designers are creating unique pieces by recycling fabrics and other clothing. An original and ecological choice!
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