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Visiting gay-friendly Québec

Fun-loving and free-living!

MontréalLooking for a little joie de vivre? It's everywhere in Québec. Some openness? We're overflowing with it! Gay and lesbian communities throughout the world enjoy the ambiance of freedom and safety that prevails here. Québec bewitches its visitors with its extraordinary cities, its fabulous festivals, its fine dining and countless boutiques... not to mention its colourful nightlife! Montréal, the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, has a sizeable gay district: the Village. Nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques catering specifically to a gay clientele abound, as do a large number of hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Equal and legal

PhotoAn avant-garde society, Québec was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to outlaw any form of discrimination towards homosexual persons. Moreover, under legislation that was passed unanimously by the National Assembly in June 2002, same-sex couples can legalize their status as a couple by entering into a civil union. This new institution also grants same-sex couples to right to adopt children.

A rainbow of festivals

MontréalIn Québec, we sure like to party, and the gay community is no different from the rest! In August, amid a carnival atmosphere, nearly a million people gather in the streets of Montréal for the city's annual gay and lesbian Divers/Cité festival. Historic Québec City hosts its own gay pride festival, Fierté Québec. In September, image + nation, Montréal's international gay and lesbian film and video festival—the oldest and largest of its genre in Canada—showcases more than 200 films. In October, the Black & Blue Festival attracts tens of thousands of gay visitors to Montréal with its program of sixty different events, including one of the biggest raves in the world. The first World OutGames were held in Montréal in 2006. Nearly 12,000 participants from numerous countries came to compete in sporting and cultural events.

You'll have a gay old time...

PhotoNature is just a hop, skip and a jump from Québec's major cities. Not far from Montréal, the Laurentides and Eastern Township regions are home to resort spots and large ski centres. In every region, huge parks provide the perfect setting for you to take part in numerous outdoor activities that are as varied as the passing seasons. The majestic St. Lawrence River, which cuts through Québec, is ideal for incredible cruises. After an activity-filled day, you'd prefer to spend the night in an establishment that caters specifically to a gay clientele? Certain hotels and campgrounds in Québec do just that.

Come in... we're open!

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