The kayak originated with the Inuit, who used it for hunting and fishing. The rabaskaw is of Amerindian origin. It is a canoe that is 7 to 10 metres (23 to 32 ft.) long, originally used to transport furs and which today carries a dozen or so paddlers.

Water fun

Dive right in!

Swimming Spend long, lazy days at the beach with your family and rediscover the simple joy of being submerged in pure water. Whether you’re near the city or deep in the heart of nature, you can explore rivers and streams by canoe, kayak or raft and use the sheer strength of your arms to tame the currents. Aquatic fun? Invigorating!!!

SwimmingCanoeing / KayakingRafting

Canoeing and kayaking

Go with the flow

Québec’s innumerable lakes and waterways, which have long served as transportation channels for explorers and merchants in the province’s north and west, offer today’s paddling enthusiasts an incredible array of rambles and routes at every level of proficiency: an experience that’s in perfect harmony with nature.

A torrent of adventure!

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, QuébecAmong the rivers deemed the best for canoeing and kayaking, a certain number are particularly beloved by enthusiasts and may be accessed through adventure tour operators. This is certainly the case with the Rivière Bonaventure in the Gaspésie, the Moisie and Magpie rivers on the North Shore, the Métabetchouane, Ashuapmushuan and Shipshaw rivers in Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean, the Rivière Malbaie in Charlevoix, and the Jacques-Cartier and Sainte-Anne rivers near Québec City. Also among this stellar selection are the Matawin and Rouge rivers that wind through the Laurentides, Coulonge and Gatineau (Outaouais).

Kayaking on the St. Lawrence

Parc marin du Saguenay-Saint-Laurent, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-JeanSea kayaking is a popular activity on the St. Lawrence River and in the Saguenay Fjord. Many riverside companies organize guided tours lasting anywhere from several hours to several days. These tours ensure proper training for novices and the safe supervision of all participants.

The Sentier maritime du Saint-Laurent, an immense waterway network for low-draft boats, makes it possible to boat along the shores of the St. Lawrence River from the Montréal area to the Gaspésie and Côte-Nord. As the Sentier’s nine segments are dotted with launch areas as well as rest, lodging and food-service areas, Sunday kayakers can also benefit!

Resort vacationing

PhotoA stay at a holiday resort lets you try canoeing in complete safety or perfect your paddling technique on calmer waters—just like back in the days of the fur traders! Québec’s national parks, with their conservation areas and breathtaking scenery, are also choice spots for setting off on a canoe trip. Many parks offer canoe rentals.

Urban paddling

Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville, MontérégieYou can even go kayaking or canoeing in the cities—or very close by! In Québec City, enthusiasts can paddle on the St. Lawrence or in the Sainte-Foy outdoor recreation area. Montréal offers the Lachine Canal and the Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville; while Gatineau proposes the splendid waterways of Gatineau Park. A delightful way to see the city from a new angle!
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