On June 12, 1833, J. J. Audubon reached the islands. Here is an excerpt from his journal: “During our ramble on the island, we found the temperature quite agreeable; indeed in some situations the sun was pleasant and warm. Strawberry blossoms were under our feet at every step.” He then continued his exploratory mission toward the Côte-Nord.
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Croisière, fjord du Saguenay (baie Éternité)This archipelago, with its elongated forms, offers long sandy beaches kissed by the waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The pale dunes, rolling green hills, ochre cliffs and brightly coloured homes stand out against the deep blue background. The setting, unique in Québec, encourages a gentler lifestyle and lets you appreciate the joys of the open air.

The region at a glance

Croisière, fjord du Saguenay (baie Éternité)The archipelago, one of the five regions of maritime Québec, is made up of around a dozen islands, many of which are interconnected. It has some 13,000 residents, most of them Acadian in origin, and its administrative centre is Cap-aux-Meules. Fishing is the main commercial activity, so take advantage of your stay to enjoy lobster, scallops, crab, fresh or smoked fish and other seasonal local specialties.

Must-see attractions

The fresh sea air…

Croisière, fjord du Saguenay (baie Éternité)The islands are ideal for hiking, cycling and horseback riding, swimming (there are beaches everywhere!) and kayaking or rafting at the base of cliffs and caves. Its bays and lagoons are a big hit with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

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If you enjoy sea excursions, head out on the water for a little sailing or mackerel fishing. If you’re more the contemplative type, visit Entry Island, Île Brion (an ecological reserve) or the Rocher aux Oiseaux. You’ll be able to spot many seabirds and, on the rocks or the waves, seals, practically the mascots of the archipelago.

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You can travel to the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, located 215 km (130 mi.) from the shores of the Gaspé Peninsula, by plane or ferry from Prince Edward Island (Souris), which is connected by bridge to New Brunswick. Cruises to the archipelago are also available from Montréal. /td>

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