Perched 700 m (2,300 ft.) above sea level at the heart of a popular resort area, Saint-Zénon is Québec’s highest community.


Wide open spaces, invigorating fresh air

Snowmobile, suspension bridge, Lanaudière, © MTOQ / Sébastien CloutierRight on Montréal’s doorstop, Lanaudière offers getaways to the great outdoors! Stretching from fertile fields along the St. Lawrence River to the wide open spaces and forest-cloaked mountains to the north, the region is a snowmobiler’s dream—not to mention a prime destination for hikers, bicycle tourists, ATVers and enthusiasts of winter sports, including skiing, skating and tube sliding.

There’s no shortage of sports and cultural events, such as the Festival de Lanaudière, the most prestigious classical musical festival in Canada, which brings Joliette and its surrounding churches alive each summer. Lanaudière, one of the first areas to be farmed in Québec, also provides endless opportunity for sampling regional specialties as you roam its country roads.

Don’t miss
  • In addition to the Rouge-Matawin and Mastigouche wildlife reserves, there is the acclaimed Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, a big hit among the outdoors set.

  • The enchanting, rejuvenating setting of the Chutes-Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles, Cascades and Chutes-Dorwin parks are perfect for family strolls and picnics.

  • Many outfitters dot the region and offer adventures of all sorts.

  • During winter in Joliette, the Rivière l'Assomption transforms into the largest river skating rink in Québec. And enjoy Festi-Glace, a family celebration that kicks off the month of February.

  • The collections at the Musée d'art de Joliette, which range from the Middle Ages to the present day, will impress you with their richness and diversity.

  • The Musée Gilles-Villeneuve, dedicated to the legendary Formula 1 driver, recounts the life of this pioneer of Canadian auto racing, a life sadly cut short.

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