Log drivers used to move logs along Québec’s rivers to the paper mills. Some manoeuvred rafts assembled from logs, while the more skilled walked along the water upright on the logs to prevent log jams. The original rafting adventurers, perhaps?

Water fun

Dive right in!

Swimming Spend long, lazy days at the beach with your family and rediscover the simple joy of being submerged in pure water. Whether you’re near the city or deep in the heart of nature, you can explore rivers and streams by canoe, kayak or raft and use the sheer strength of your arms to tame the currents. Aquatic fun? Invigorating!!!

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Rafting excursions

Guaranteed thrills!

Rafting Untamed and untameable, Québec's rivers have energy to spare. As you travel down a raging river in a raft, you'll run the gamut of emotions that induce exhilaration, rapture, fear, laughter and fulfillment. What's more, wherever this activity is offered, you can be assured of astonishing natural surroundings.

Whitewater excitement...

Rivière Rouge Looking for a challenge? Check out the Rivière Rouge, whose famed rushing waters snake through the forests of the Laurentides and Outaouais regions. Test your mettle on the magnificent Rivière Jacques-Cartier, just outside of Québec City, amid breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the calmer rapids of the Hautes-Gorges segment of the Rivière Malbaie (Charlevoix), which winds through spectacular rock walls. Other rivers that may leave you hooked on rafting are the Outaouais, Gatineau, Matawin (Mauricie) and Batiscan (between Trois-Rivières and Québec City), and, in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, the Métabetchouan, Mistassibi and Shipshaw (the latter's level is exceptionally stable, thanks to a dam). Even the St. Lawrence boasts impressive eddies with the Lachine rapids, which have downtown Montréal as a backdrop (excursions are also offered in motorized boats).

Safety first

Despite the untamed nature of Québec's rivers, each rafting excursion is led by expert staff and accompanied by kayakers ready to fish rafters out of the water... if need be! Before setting out, choose the appropriate level of difficulty. Are you ready for an "extreme" experience, filled with adventure and the possibility of getting dunked and doing a little body surfing? Or is a calmer, family-oriented outing that's shorter, less turbulent and geared towards ecotourism more your style? Whatever you choose, you won't be disappointed by what Québec has to offer...

Rafting seasons

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, QuébecWhitewater expeditions are usually offered from April to September. If you're looking for tumultuous waters, go in the spring when the rivers are swollen after the seasonal thaw. For a much calmer excursion, choose the end of the season; water levels will be at their lowest and the forests will be dressed in a kaleidoscope of colours. Either way, you'll be dazzled!
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