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Travellers with disabilities

MontréalQuébec is going to great lengths to ensure that its tourist sites are more accessible to people who have restricted physical abilities. Its territory may be big, but that’s no reason to place limits on where travellers with reduced mobility can go or to deprive them of the countless natural and cultural sites for which Québec’s tourist regions are known!

Kéroul and tourism

PhotoTourisme Québec works in close collaboration with Kéroul. The mission of this organization is to promote tourism among people with restricted physical abilities (who have a physical, visual or hearing impairment) and ease their access to tourist facilities in Québec. Kéroul evaluates the accessibility of Québec’s accommodation establishments (hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, inns, campgrounds, etc.) and leading tourist sites (museums, historic sites, parks, zoos, etc.).

The Accessible Road

Kéroul publishes a tourism guide specially designed to promote accessible tourism in a dozen regions of Québec. The guide lists some 170 establishments (accommodations, tourist sites and information offices) accessible to people with restricted physical abilities.

Using the Bonjour Québec.com search engine, you can quickly choose accessible accommodations as well as tourist sites and services whose accessibility has been evaluated by Kéroul, according to four criteria:

  Adapted to people with a physical impairment;

  Partial access to people with a physical impairment;

  Services to people with a visual impairment;

  Services to people with a hearing impairment.

Visitors are nevertheless advised to confirm the level of accessibility with the establishment in question prior to travelling there.

Over the past 30 years, Kéroul has inventoried more than 6000 accessible tourist and cultural sites.

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