Tourisme Québec's trip planner

With the trip planner, you can plan your entire stay in Québec using a calendar to organize the different sites to see, things to do and places to stay that you've selected while visiting our site. You can register and save your planner. That way, the next time you visit the site, all you have to do is log on to access your planner.

How to:

Choose your bookmarks

Bookmark your favourite pages by clicking on the heart that appears in the more than 12,000 records for tourism-related businesses (accommodations, activities, tourist sites, festivals, restaurants) indexed on the site.

At any time you can use the search window at the top of each page to find points of interest for your trip.

Choose your dates

Click on the button "Step One: Please choose your travel dates" and use the calendar to select the start and end dates for your trip.

Once you've selected your dates, you can change them at any time and rearrange your scheduled activities as needed. A trip planner can have up to 28 days.

Add addresses and reminders

Once your dates are set and your bookmarks chosen, you can add notes: addresses of friends or relatives you want to visit or personal reminders such as favourites or things to buy.

Plan your daily schedule

Once the calendar is displayed, drag and drop each item, bookmark or note to the desired location: morning, afternoon or evening. You can add up to nine items per day.

These items can be moved or deleted at any time.

View your itinerary

You can view the suggested itinerary by car for each day. Markers plot the stages of your journey on the map.


You can register before or after creating your planner. This allows you to save your planner and return to it whenever you wish, by logging in, to consult or change it.

Registration is not mandatory however, because your planner is automatically saved in a cookie on your browser. You may only create one planner at a time.

Logging in

If you are registered and you wish to consult or change your planner, simply log in by entering your e-mail address and password.

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