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Québec’s charms go far beyond its cities. Hit the open road to experience our breathtaking views, local cuisine and outdoor excursions—it’s going to be an amazing ride.

Adventure is on the itinerary

See where our roads will take you with these escapades filled with fun, food and unforgettable sights.
Tourist Route

Route des Navigateurs

Tourist Route

Route des Vins


Bustling cities, whales and nature


Travel Québec any way you like

  • Our road network is made up of 325,000 km of roads. Travelling by car gives you the freedom to explore Québec at your own rhythm, discover sights off the beaten path and take in the breathtaking landscapes. Stop whenever you like to immortalize the moment, have a picnic or just enjoy the view.

    Deserted road in a mountain valley
  • Cyclists can enjoy seeing Québec on two wheels thanks to the many picturesque and bike-friendly routes. Several regions even suggest cycling itineraries for discovering the sights. A fun and eco-friendly way to spend time in nature, biking through Québec is an invigorating option.

    Two cyclists on a road with a scenic view.
  • Air travel is a great option for covering long distances in a short period of time and allows you to get the most out of your stay. Local airlines offer quick access to more remote regions making even the furthest reaches of our vast province accessible.

    Hydravion sur le lac Sacacomie.
  • Comfort, panoramic views, no traffic jams—the train is a smart and earth-friendly choice. With more than 600 stations, VIA Rail connects Montréal and the city of Québec to many other cities and provinces. The new Réseau express métropolitain (REM) provides a quick and efficient option when you’re on the move in the Greater Montréal area. The Train de Charlevoix connects the city of Québec to Baie-Saint-Paul all summer long, with an unbeatable view of the St. Lawrence River.

    Train en marche avec vue sur le fleuve.
  • Travelling by bus is an economical and flexible option that allows for easy planning around schedules and destinations. Several companies offer intercity bus routes between the cities and towns across the province, even in outlying areas. Perfect for journeying with peace of mind and taking the time to appreciate the extraordinary landscapes rolling by.

  • The journey doesn’t end once you’ve reached your destination—you can continue by boat. Seeing Québec from the water is like navigating through history and the indescribable beauty of our landscapes. The majestic St. Lawrence River runs for 1,197 km and many other waterways flow through the province, which boasts nine ports of international calibre—notably in Montréal, the city of Québec and Saguenay. Several ferries provide passage to cities and islands as well.

    Amis admirent le Vieux-Québec depuis le traversier Lévis-Québec.

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