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Snowmobiling, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean © TQ/J-F.Hamelin


Are you longing to speed through endless miles of snow, glide over frozen lakes, explore the vast boreal forest or travel to magical spots inaccessible by car? If so, then snowmobiling in Québec is for you! Offering a delectably thick snow cover, a network of thousands of miles of trails and the freedom of the untouched wilderness, Québec is understandably a top destination for snowmobiling, a sport invented right here.

Snowmobiling at a glance

The primary mode of transport for many Aboriginal peoples and a favourite among sports enthusiasts, today’s snowmobile is a hugely popular recreational vehicle. So popular, in fact, that Québec has created a network of trails to suit every taste, from weekend rider to diehard enthusiast. Over 33,500 km of groomed and signposted trails criss-cross the province, with a full range of services close at hand: fuel, rentals and repairs, heated shelters, food and accommodations.