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Discovering berries of all kinds

Discovering berries of all kinds

Québec grows a wide variety of berries, for our enjoyment and pleasure! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, wild blackberries, black currants and cranberries are among the best known, while Saskatoon berries, cloudberries, sea buckthorn fruit, honeyberries and elderberries are ready to be discovered and enjoyed. 

Fresh or processed, berries are loved by all. And not only for their taste, but also for their high vitamin content and their antioxidant properties. Some of them may even have medicinal virtues and be good for your skin! Great for us, as they are found in pies, muffins, sorbets and other desserts, as well as in a multitude of derived products, including among others jams, syrups, dressings, oils, terrines, confits, coulis and herbal teas. Have you tried chocolate-dipped cranberries and blueberries? Truly delicious! 

But berry processing does not stop there! Pushed by their limitless passion and creativity, the producers have realized that the fruit of their harvests can be turned into delicious alcoholic beverages. Strawberry wine, crème de cassis, wild blackberry aperitif, cranberry liqueur, raspberry mistelle, blueberry digestive, cloudberry beer: the list of handcrafted beverages born from the Québec terroir keeps getting longer! 

Proud of their many products, the farmers come up with new opportunities to bring them to your attention: they display them in different points of sales, including public markets, and open the doors to their operations. There is no better way to discover berries in their numerous iterations, get acquainted with the local agriculture, and meet authentic Québecers who will be more than happy to share their passion and know-how with you. The tastings, guided tours and interpretation offered by many agritourism farms will let you discover all the secrets of their production and trade. As in the spectacular cranberry harvest at the beginning of fall, when the fields, flooded by the farmers to float the berries, become immense carpets of red! 

You want to live other memorable and unique experiences? Why not going self-picking in an orchard? Imagine the enjoyment and satisfaction of picking your own strawberries, raspberries or blueberries straight from the fields! 

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