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Îles-de-la-Madeleine © TQ/A.Quenneville

Spending the night in a lighthouse on an island surrounded by the St. Lawrence River

Sleeping in a lighthouse surrounded by the St. Lawrence River

Spending the night in a lighthouse with the charm of yesteryear on an island surrounded by the St. Lawrence River is quite a unique experience. Falling asleep to the aroma of the salty air and the music of the singing birds, listening to the gentle waves and, with a bit of luck, to the blowing whales, is happiness undiluted! Wonderfully restored in the spirit of centuries past, these unusual lodgings on protected islands promise a stay where time stands still. In these wild locations that offer a privileged contact with history, the river and wildlife, with the observation of marine mammals and large colonies of seabirds, you will feel like the nature is all yours alone… or close! In your meetings with welcoming hosts, you will learn more about biology and history, in addition to discovering a delicious cuisine and its local specialities. All your senses will be fulfilled! 

Parc national de l'Archipel-de-Mingan © Parcs Canada/E.Lajeunesse
Parc national de l'Archipel-de-Mingan © Parcs Canada/E.Lajeunesse

Three lighthouses to spend the night

Phare du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie ‒ Bas-St-Laurent
Located on one of the three islands of a small archipelago populated with colonies of seabirds, the Phare du Pot lighthouse invites you to spend the night in the spirit of centuries past. In this historic building standing on a tiny promontory, you will feel like you are looking after this carefully preserved wilderness. You will fall under the charm of this haven of peace that highlights an unusual landscape, abundant wildlife, an excellent table, and hosts who will spoil you rotten. 

Phare de l’île Verte ‒ Bas-St-Laurent
On this island where the buildings have kept the charm of the past, you will find the oldest lighthouse in Québec, which will reveal all its secrets with a guided visit and its small museum. Sleeping in the lighthouse keeper’s or his assistant’s quarters will immerse you in a key period of the history of the river, and give you a close connection with nature. The location is especially good to observe wildlife and marine mammals. 

Phare de l’île aux Perroquets ‒ Minganie
Thanks to significant work carried out in 2012, the houses of the lighthouse keeper and of his assistant on Île aux Perroquets have been transformed into 4-star lodgings without losing any of their old charm. The lodge, which lets you relive the time of the lighthouse keepers, is part of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, with its famous monoliths. As for the island (Parrot Island), it was named after the sea parrots, also known as Atlantic puffins, those colourful birds that have made the island one of their favourite destinations. 

Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs © Québec Maritime