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Horseback riding

All year-long

Horseback riding is available almost everywhere in Québec, in landscapes often only accessible on horseback. You can ride at full gallop on the banks of the St. Lawrence River or the beaches of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, trot through the forest, where wafts of fresh humus hang in the air, hold on tight as you canter on mountain trails, or gently amble through grassy plains! Horseback riding is one of the few activities that bring both outdoor and horse lovers together, and creates a real connection between humans, nature and beasts.

Cowboy for an hour, rider for a day
Whether you’re a serious amateur or a curious beginner, you can choose your type of course and riding style, either Western or classic. Ranches offer various options, including hour-long, half-day and day-long rides, multiple-day horseback journeys with tent, cottage or inn accommodations, as well as summer camps, immersion experiences and day camps. There’s surely an option out there to bring out your inner rider!

Directory of riding stables