Experience the St. Lawrence

For the love of the St. Lawrence

Majestic yet ubiquitous, the St. Lawrence has coloured our history and our identity. Québec, set against a cerulean blue backdrop, is like the promise of eternal love. With so many treasures to discover, admire, taste and experience, what more can you say but yes—always yes.

A bit, very much…

To the rhythm of the river and its seasons, continue your journey and meet thousands of marine creatures that come to say hello. Savour some of the area’s finest delights, then let the waves lull you to dreamland, in a tent or a cozy cottage.

The many faces of the St. Lawrence

Whether you’re on or in the water, or at the river’s edge, the St. Lawrence is a veritable playground. Wending its way around islands and into the heart of cities, it shapes Québec’s landscape.

Take it easy and enjoy the ride
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To fully appreciate what’s around each corner, a more relaxed pace allows you to take in all there is to discover and encounter. Rather than hurrying to your destination, find your cruising speed and savour every stopover.

The St. Lawrence in all its splendour
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Unique wildlife, spectacular scenery, authentic cuisine... What better way to discover all that the St. Lawrence has to offer than to take a cruise.

Always inviting

The St. Lawrence changes with the seasons.


Make the most of the St. Lawrence, with water sports and activities, excursions and whale-watching.


Come fall, criss-cross the banks of the St. Lawrence, and journey along colourful routes offering views that will remain etched in your memory.


The St. Lawrence transforms in winter, offering a whole different range of activities—some unique in the world.


Come spring, the port cities, coastal national parks and towns, and islands and archipelagos along the St. Lawrence come alive.

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