Journey into wilderness

Lose your bearings to better find yourself

When he arrived in the Far North, Stéphane felt like he’d stepped into a new world—one that he never wanted to leave. The chef and owner of Restaurant Le Clan, who’s also an epicurean-fisherman, combines his two loves: warm and welcoming northern lands and raw ingredients of the highest quality.

Terroir, folks, land
Sacred and authentic

A perfect day for Stéphane? Saltwater fishing at dawn, a morning walk on Île d’Orléans, a fish dinner around a campfire with Indigenous friends, and the northern lights to top it all off. Pretty tempting, don’t you think?

Stéphane's top experiences
Whether you’re in town, on an island or surrounded by the vastness of nature, one element comes back time and again: the people. And more specifically, all the people who make up his clan.

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