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Charlevoix Éco-Mobilité

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Charlevoix Baie-Saint-Paul

Looking to discover Baie-Saint-Paul and Charlevoix? This sports equipment centre offers electric bike rentals! Whether you’re a solo traveller or with friends or family, exploring the magnificent Charlevoix region on a bike is a great, fun and easy way to get around. Also enjoy a guide tour.

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Jun 01 - Oct 30 , 2021
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Contact information

50, rue de La Ferme, Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec, Canada, G3Z 0G2

Vehicle and Parking Services

  • Free outdoor parking


  • Cycling
  • Tours : bicycle tours
  • Tours : in french
  • Tours : in english


  • Internet access : wireless
  • Internet access : free wireless
  • Tour guide
  • Lodging on the premises
  • Packages

Rental services

  • Bike rental


  • Not accessible (Kéroul)

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