Camping, far from going out of style, is gaining in popularity!

Whether you prefer to sleep in a tent or a motorized vehicle, or to go to an all-inclusive turnkey camping facility, Québec has something for greenhorn and diehard campers alike. As a family, a couple or good friends, all campers yearn to reconnect with nature. More than 1000 campgrounds offer up sites in the forest, on islands and alongside beaches.


Most campgrounds are open from May to October, but some parks and reserves operate in winter for true diehards seeking expedition-style adventure!

Did you know?

Forget glamping! These days, luxury turnkey camping is where it’s at.

All about camping

  • No camping equipment? No problem! Turnkey camping combines nature with comfort. Many sites rent out tents, trailers, yurts or other accommodation options, with everything you’ll need (dishes, bedding, barbecue, etc.).

  • For a canoe-camping expedition, rent a canoe in a national park and bivouac on an island that you’ll have all to yourself. Travelling by bike? Campgrounds with the “Bienvenue cyclistes!” certification offer services suited to your needs.

  • Head out on an adventure along Québec’s highways and byways, at your own pace... Yes, dreams really can come true! Companies rent out trailers, motorhomes and other recreational vehicles (RV).

  • How to do it? Simply rely on sustainable equipment, choose nearby destinations, reduce waste, keep the environment clean, recycle and compost, save water, minimize the impacts of fire, and educate the young. Have a nice stay!

    Une fillette souriante mange des fraises dans une tente.

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