Renting a cottage is like being at home deep in Canada’s forest.

You can also rent a condo at the foot of the ski slopes, or a small country home, often near a lake or river (there’s a wide selection given Québec’s almost innumerable bodies of water). A cottage, in addition to being furnished, offers the advantage of a kitchen where you can leisurely prepare your meals after some outdoor fun.


A cottage is the ideal accommodation in any season. In winter, what better than to sit cozily in front of a fireplace while the snow falls outside.

Did you know?

In Québec, a cottage is called a chalet—a Swiss word that quickly became part of our vocabulary.

Let’s head to the cottage

  • Spending time at a cottage offers the comfort and privacy of your home, but in a natural setting typical of Québec, for an authentic Québécois experience. The perfect way to appreciate nature’s calm and enjoy nearby outdoor activities.

  • Condominiums, or condos, are another popular form of Québec tourist home. A lot of these co-ownership apartments—modern cottages?—are available for rent in the mountains or near a lake.

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