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Gaspésie © TQ/M.Laporte
Manicouagan © TQ/M.Loiselle

Life of the St. Lawrence River

Deep like the sea, flowing along in a steady current, rich in history, wildlife and mystery, the St. Lawrence River has shaped Québec’s land and culture. It widens east of Québec City and mixes with seawater, forming a unique marine ecosystem of islands, beaches and vegetation. Full of fresh fish and seafood, such as shrimp, scallops and lobster, it’s the inspiration behind the region’s unique cuisine and innovative local specialties. At once a river, an estuary and a gulf, the St. Lawrence River is home to blue whales, humpbacks, dolphins and seals, making it a highlight for many visitors. Go kayaking, diving or sailing, or hop on one of 150 cruise ships that crisscross the entire St. Lawrence River—it’s the perfect way to admire its marine birds and mammals up close. The St. Lawrence River is equally spectacular from land. Driving along the riverside or hiking coastal national parks offers a new perspective of Québec that will keep you captivated forever. 

  • Flavours of the sea

  • 13 species of whales

  • One of the longest rivers in the world

Incredible experiences on land and sea await

  • Discover hidden gems all along the coast Kayaking the St. Lawrence River

    Be swept away by the picturesque landscapes, unique outdoor activities and unforgettable sunsets of our national parks along the coast of the St. Lawrence River. They are the ideal spots to experience the best nature has to offer.

    Réserve de parc national de l'Archipel-de-Mingan © Côte-Nord/E. Marchand
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    Tour du Bas-Saint-Laurent – Gaspésie © Mathieu Dupuis
  • Taste the many flavours of the sea Enjoying Québec’s seafood culture

    The regions surrounding the St. Lawrence River offer sea-inspired cuisine, gastronomic tours and educational visits about the land’s history and heritage. Whether you have a passion for food or are curious about the past, you’ll have a great time.

    Gaspésie © TQ/M. Laporte
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    Phare île Verte © Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent/P. Canali
  • Go with the flow Discovering life on the St. Lawrence River

    The St. Lawrence River is a hub for unique water activities. Try a new water sport, enjoy the sights on a relaxing boat ride or observe magnificent creatures up close on a whale-watching cruise. The choice is yours!

    © Croisières AML
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    Côte-Nord © TQ/M. Laporte