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We’ve thought of everything... getaway ideas and suggested travel itineraries so you don’t miss anything! The choice is vast, with something for every taste and interest. Blue signage guides you all along the way. And there’s no shortage of tourist routes: Route des Baleines, Route du Fleuve, Route des Sommets, Chemin du Terroir and more. Getting around Québec is easy, and we’ll be by your side!

Official tourist routes

Our 18 tourist routes showcase our cultural and natural treasures. Some routes hug the St. Lawrence River, others criss-cross the countryside of our regions, while still others cut through the mountains.

Nature, history, stunning landscapes or local culinary delights... the routes’ themes reveal Québec’s many facets. Blue signage guides you along the way so you can leave the main highways and head out for adventure!


Québec is big! Where to go first? Our itineraries, designed with you in mind, offer circuits that last from 48 hours to 10 days, with an incredible choice of activities.

Let us inspire you with some forty itineraries, sometimes based on food or sports, sometimes on culture and history, or on an enticing mixture of themes. You’re sure not to miss anything. It’s all here! And we’re always coming up with new ideas, so be sure to bookmark this page.

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