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Montréal’s Underground City

Welcome to the world’s biggest underground network! Over 30 km of corridors, 2,000 boutiques, about a hundred buildings, four transit stations, 10 metro stations, 10 hotels, 265 restaurants, 10,000 parking spaces, five universities, one college, six concert venues, many libraries, two ice-skating rinks, three museums... and much more! Come discover where 500,000 Montrealers go every day.

But why live “six feet” underground when the views are so pleasant at street level? There are plenty of reasons, but the weather tops the list. No more heat waves or cold snaps! Neither rain nor snow can reach this intriguing world. Also, there are no red lights. You’ll never get cut off and have the right of way to any shop you come across! Look for the “RÉSO” logo and climb down into the city’s best-kept secret! 

Things are moving... “six feet” under!

Tap into the underground’s core (off the metro’s green line)
Start your journey at the Cours Mont-Royal. In a section of a hall that was once a luxury hotel, you’ll get to admire a beautiful chandelier brought over from the Monte Carlo Casino. Also, take this opportunity to visit the free Barbie Expo, featuring over a thousand dolls from various periods, some wearing clothes from renowned designers.

Right next door, at Place Montréal Trust, discover Canada’s tallest indoor fountain. You’ll surely notice all the balconies around you, which were designed to reproduce the city’s typical landscape, which earned it the nickname “Balconyville”. The Eaton Centre, a major shopping hub also nearby, features Grévin Montréal Museum, and you’ll likely feel a spiritual vibe as you wander under the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral at the Promenades Cathédrale. Make your way to Place Ville Marie by taking the Cathcart tunnel linking the green and orange metro lines’ underground networks. Perched 185 metres high, the Observatory at the top of Place Ville Marie offers a breathtaking, panoramic view of the city.

Break the ice (off the metro’s orange line)
Make sure to visit the nearby Gare centrale’s food court to grab a snack and admire its multiple-award-winning design. It’s just a short walk from there to the Montréal Canadiens boutique, at the Bell Centre and, if you get the urge to strap on a pair of ice skates like the Habs (the team’s nickname), you’ll find an indoor skating rink at Atrium le 1000, on De la Gauchetière Street. Cap off your visit of this section at the World Trade Centre, at the gates of Old Montréal, and check out the Berlin Wall and majestic Amphitrite fountain and statue!

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Modern art (off the green and orange metro lines)
The western side of the Palais des congrès, off Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, is truly a sight to behold with its highly colourful tinted glass that, along with the Lipstick Forest’s 52 trees, are sure to lift your spirits! Take the north tunnel to the hexagonal Complexe Desjardins, the heart of downtown’s eastern area. You’re now just a few steps from the Musée d’art contemporain and Place des Arts, where you can attend a wide range of shows year-round in its five halls, or outdoors in summertime at the new Place des festivals in the Quartier des spectacles!

A one-of-kind city!
You won’t find such an extensive underground network anywhere else in the world! In fact, where else can you see a show, park your car, yet walk without ever seeing another one, go to the dentist or a restaurant, go grocery shopping, go to work, attend university, watch a movie, visit a museum, watch a hockey game, take the train, bus or metro, reach your hotel room or apartment, attend a convention, and go from one borough to another, all without ever setting foot outside? Just in Montréal’s Underground City! So, if you visit the city, follow Montrealers’ lead: rain or shine, in winter or summer, take some time every day to dive into the city’s underground! 

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