Outaouais at its best! This route takes you on an exploration of history, nature and culinary delights.

This route is called Chemins d’eau (waterways) because it runs parallel to the Ottawa and Gatineau rivers. Passing through hills and villages, the route reveals to us fragments of history, Québec wildlife and lush nature. You can even sleep with the wolves!

Check out the official website for the complete route.

278 km

You can travel along the Chemins d’eau by car, motorcycle or bike. However, a trip to Parc Oméga is best done by car.



Day 1

Montebello: enjoying the animals and chocolate

Parc Oméga

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Head to Parc Oméga for a car safari among Québec wildlife. As you drive along, you’ll be able to observe bison, wapitis, bears, deer, boars and wolves roaming freely. At night, you can even sleep with the wolves! Ahoou!

ChocoMotive – Chocolate-making economuseum

Late in the afternoon, a stop at ChocoMotive for a treat is a must. It’ll also be a chance to visit its interpretation centre and workshop. They use organic, fair-trade certified chocolate and sugar. You’ll think you’re in heaven!

Day 2

Plaisance: its waterfalls and national park

Plaisance Falls

The day begins with the sound of waterfalls. With a 63-m drop, the falls are impressive! A 1-km path links the base with the summit. A historic lodge, activities and a lookout make this an ideal picnic spot.

Parc national de Plaisance

Parc national de Plaisance is alive with birds. Herons, ospreys, ducks and other species come out to greet you. Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and camping add to your pleasure of exploring the Ottawa River. Did you remember your binoculars?

Day 3

On the banks of the Lièvre

Musée de la Société d’histoire de Buckingham

Visit the Buckingham historical society museum to discover the history of Buckingham and its surrounding area through artefacts, photos, texts and interactive tablets.

Centre nautique de la Lièvre

Spend the rest of the day on the water. At this nautical centre, you can rent various types of small crafts, such as kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, rabaskaws and paddle boards. What do you prefer, rowing or pedalling?

Day 4

From Gatineau to La Pêche: history and a maze

Canadian Museum of History

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Get a cultural start to the day at the Canadian Museum of History, with its exhibitions and history of First Peoples. Meanwhile, the little ones can have fun in the Children’s Museum. The building’s architecture alone is worth the trip.


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Éco-Odyssée’s walking and water mazes let you discover the beaver habitat. Different routes are possible by canoe or paddle boat, or on foot. An adventure that involves a bit of strategy! Go left or go right? Oops, I think we’re lost...

Day 5

From La Pêche to Gatineau

The Rapides-Farmer Hydropower Generating Station

During the summer, discover the historical heritage of the Rapides-Farmer Hydropower Generating Station, a few kilometres from downtown Gatineau. In operation since 1927, this run-of-river generating station will fascinate you with its history, its hydroelectric works and enchanting site. Free admission.

Aerial view of the hydroelectric turbines of the Rapides-Farmer Hydropower Generating Station.

Fairbairn House Heritage Centre

Spend the morning at the Fairnbairn House. This 160-year-old house and its heritage barn feature various educational, historical and artistic exhibits. You’ll discover the history of the lower Gatineau River valley.

Symmes Inn Museum

Still on the Chemins d’eau route, the Symmes Inn Museum, on the shores of the Ottawa River is a must-see! Classified as a historic monument, this former inn reveals its story and that of its ghost, Hannah...

Day 6

Chemins d’eau: waterfalls and rafting

Gatineau Park – Luskville Falls trail

Exercising the mind with culture is great, but we also need to exercise the body a bit. A deep breath of Gatineau Park’s clean air and we’re ready to climb the 300-m trail leading to Luskville Falls. The view from the top is spectacular!

Horizon X Rafting – Kayak

Hold on tight, because this afternoon promises to be exciting at Horizon X Rafting. The river’s rapids are... well, rapid, but the thrill is intense. The adrenaline rush is at the max. At the end, you’ll be soaked, but feeling on top of the world!

Day 7

Elegant house and aerial course

Georges Bryson Cultural House

This morning, we’ll think we’re still dreaming when we visit the elegant house that belonged to Georges Bryson. It features exhibits and 19th-century furniture. We can also have afternoon tea there, in elegant style!

Chutes Coulonge Park

We end our journey on this route by taking to the air at the Chutes Coulonge Park: treetop obstacle courses, mega zip lines and via ferrata. An interpretation trail also tells the history of logging.

Along the water on the Chemins d’eau

Visit the official website of the Chemins d’eau to criss-cross the rivers of the Outaouais region and discover picturesque villages.