History, wildlife and the outdoors... a small family getaway and opportunity to be pampered.

This itinerary in Outaouais explores a part of Canadian history and shows just how close nature and the city are to one another. You can also enjoy a close-up view of certain animals that inhabit our boreal forest. The deer come so near you can even feed them. They love carrots!

158 km

This itinerary is done mainly by car, especially the visit to Parc Oméga. But certain areas can be toured on bike.



Day 1

Indigenous cultures and pristine nature

A Canadian museum brimming with stories

The trip begins with a cultural stop at the Canadian Museum of History, whose architecture alone is worth seeing. On the program: impressive exhibitions, history of the First Nations and the Children’s Museum, where little ones can have loads of fun.

A cave and the great outdoors at Gatineau Park

Just a stone’s throw away from the Canadian Museum of History is the Gatineau Park. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic, biking, swimming, or hiking through the 361 km2 of hills and forests. There’s even a cave to be explored.

Day 2

A spa and relaxation day

Comfort and relaxation at Nordik Spa-Nature

Nordik Spa-Nature is North America’s largest spa: ten outdoor baths and nine saunas. Begin the day with a Källa treatment, in a seawater floating pool, or a Banyä treatment, a festive Russian experience!

Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa

After being pampered, head to the heart of the Gatineau Park to discover the Wakefield Mill Hotel & Spa. This combination hotel, restaurant and spa allows you to experience the comfort and history of an old flour mill dating from 1838.

Day 3

A day in Montebello: wildlife and fine living

Welcome to the animal kingdom

We head to Parc Oméga for a photo safari among Québec wildlife. As you drive along in your car, you’ll be able to observe bison, wapitis, bears, fallow deer, white-tailed deer and boars roaming freely. At night, you can even sleep with the wolves!

Living like royalty at Château Montebello

Québec is home to the world’s largest log hotel, the Fairmont Le Château Montebello. This rustic and luxurious hotel serves up a fine-dining experience. Over 40 activities are offered, including a spa. What better way to end the day?