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The spa experience in all its forms

Over 200 spas where you can relax

Its lush forests, mountainous countrysides and plentiful bodies of water—including the St. Lawrence River—make Québec an especially ideal locale for wellness centres, Nordic spas and thalassotherapy centres. Hot-stone or maple-syrup massages, cocoa butter body wraps, facials, paraffin face, feet and hand treatments… the list of treatments offered in Québec spas is constantly growing, and are available in hotel and resort spas as well as stand-alone establishments. What set this trend in motion was the recent arrival of Nordic spas, and their heat therapy treatments, which Quebecers can’t seem to get enough of! Along with destination spas and urban spas, they are adding to the impressive list of spa getaways that can be found in practically every Québec region. 

Centre de santé Eastman © TQ /J.-F. Hamelin
Centre de santé Eastman © TQ /L. Turgeon

Nordic spas

About 30 of these centres have sprouted up in the last two decades in Québec’s most enchanting spots. Inspired from Scandinavian traditions or Asian philosophy, they have set up shop on mountainsides and river banks, and in the middle of forests. The practice of alternating between hot and cold, with periods of rest in between, takes on a very special dimension when combined with Québec’s vast spaces! In addition to promoting all the specialties of their region, some have exclusive concepts such as the Russian banya (a sort of cross between a sauna and a steam bath), the savusauna (smoke sauna), Källa treatments (salt-water floating pool), halotherapy (space replicating a salt cavern), and snow cabins (with snowflakes and biting cold included!).

After conquering our countryside, Nordic spas are moving into urban areas, including Montréal and Québec City. They can be found in the most unusual locations, from an old marine warehouse to a heritage building or a converted ferry!

Destination spas

Housed in resorts located amid the most beautiful scenery, these centres combine a wide array of wellness treatments and hospitality services. Treatments can be spread over a few hours to several days. Some offer programs combining fitness activities, inspiring conferences, power nap stations, and a healthy menu for a most invigorating stay.  


Balnéa, spa et réserve thermale © TQ/G.Leroyer

Urban spas

No need to get out of the city to enjoy moments of relaxation, as there are more and more urban spas available. From storefront operations featuring zen decors to rooftop open-air locations, urban spas are all the rage.

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